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“Writing wiTh light”

The chosen motifs represent different aspects of our reality. We move in different realities and take in different nuances of this curious collection of entities through our eyes. Light serves as the medium of visual representation. The art of photography is an attempt to describe this reality, crystallizing our view of it through a variety of processes and perspectives by “writing with light” and recording it for our fellow human beings. Our perspectives differ depending on the country and place we are in. Through the international selection of artists and their different ways of working, an interesting reflection of our world is created that gives us a view of unique and often invisible moments and places of our daily lives. Houses and trees appear like isolated beings in empty space, mannequins and statues come to life through exposure, and people become an unmoving and silent part of an everyday backdrop. Emotions and hidden thoughts are crystallized through the artist’s lens and freeze as a moment of a secret life before our eyes in the frame of an everyday scenery. 

Ahmed SAlvador
Minagawa Takaumi
Jacob Middleburgh

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