//Urban Pleinair by Christopher Kadetzki

Photo by Gerrit Piechowski, Modest Dept.

Christopher Kadetzki was born on 07.01.1990 in Frankfurt Oder. Unlike other painters, he did not find his way to painting through academic studies, but went the way of a craft apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. Through the intensive study of color theory and other technical aspects in the course of his experiences as a craftsman, he finally found access to pleinair-painting.  From landscape painting in the German and Polish countryside, he was increasingly drawn to urban motifs.

While painting in the open air, Christopher came into contact with the social aspects of his motifs through a wide variety of personal encounters. Conversations with people in the urban environment became an integral part of his creative process and their stories and emotions increasingly found their way into his works and became part of his daily life. His works are not just simple oil paintings on canvas, but reflect the impressions of the time, the people, their history and their movements, that surround him when he paints and with which he repeatedly comes into contact through pleinair-painting. 

For this reason, his style could be called anthropological painting, as it is not the depiction or colorful idealization of an inanimate reality, but the artistic examination of the social realities within these rural and urban environments, that make his works unique witnesses to a constantly changing and evolving world. The aesthetic moments, lived emotions, personal destinies and abysses, which keep appearing and disappearing within this urban environment before the painter’s eyes, form the motifs and objects of his artistic exploration.

Burning Feet Street Art Workshop (2020) / Oil on linen cardboard / 40x30cm

By focusing on color intensity, stroke and free play of colors, he manages to capture the vivid dynamics of urban scenes and interpret what he experiences in the context of his emotions. The often rudimentary expression puts the images in motion and makes them seem alive. Extensive and pre-planned motifs, as well as the technical skills necessary to realize such a work, are definitely in the artist’s repertoire, but are deliberately neglected in the process in order to fully exploit the lively potential of the dynamic motif.

Denny Pham Switch FS Heel (2021) / Kulturforum Berlin / Oil on canvas / 80x60cm
//Catalogue “Urban Pleinair by Christopher Kadetzki”