//New Artist

Kristian Kühn

//Trauerfeier / 2020 / Mixed media on canvas / 80x120cm

Kristian Kühn, born 1995 in Heidelberg, lives and works in Mannheim. When his art started to turn from a hobby into an irresistible passion, he decided to quit his day job and to dedicate himself fully to his paintings. His impulsive style is reflected in his colourful, impressive works, mostly on large canvasses. His free-spirited working method allows him to express what is going on in his mind and to be fully immersed in the process. One of his hallmarks is a figurative component underscored by an abstract style. His works are usually loud and garish with vigorous colours, although some of them are more reduced in nature. He refuses to follow an exact recipe. Instead, he keeps surprising his audience with his versatility. Setting himself free is what he is all about. He rejects any kind of self-censorship, and this turns out to be his personal challenge every time.

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