//New Artist

//Jonas Liesaus

//Both: Untitled, 86×67,5cm, linolcut, oil on paper, part of a series of 8 unique prints

Jonas Liesaus was born in 1999 in Potsdam, Germany. Since October 2018 he is in his main course of study in the specialist class of Professor Ingo Meller and is co-supervised by Professor Oliver Kossack at the Academy of Visual Arts.

His main areas of study include intensive study of painting, drawing and printmaking processes. Beyond that, he already took part in various exhibition projects and residency scholarships and is involved in university politics through his commitment to the study commission of the HGB.

The exhibited works are an attempt to depict constricting and divisive aspects alike with a simplified formal language. The colouring and arrangement of the surfaces and lines convey a spatiality reminiscent of geographical maps. Structures demarcate and yet merge, just as people in different social and cultural contexts live separately from each other and have to find a way to live together. Looking for commonalities and similarities in the diversity was the focus of the artistic exploration.

///Tektonik, 63x44cm, woodcut, part of a series of 14 unique prints

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