//New Artist

//Marlon Nikolai Osburg-Kokenbrink

//Untitled “O”, 160x210cm, acrylics and oil pastels on canvas

Born in Wuppertal, Marlon Nikolai has been painting since childhood. He found his current style while trying to answer existential questions through painting. Death and birth already occupy a large space in his life. These contrasting experiences also determine the different moods that transport his pictorial worlds…

//Polarität, 80x60cm, acrylic and oil paint on canvas

The fact that art is a child of crisis is proven true in his urge to create and process, so in his work lightness and melancholy, great moments and everyday banalities, as well as naive ideas of the afterlife and detached images are juxtaposed. They invite the viewer to engage in a unique dialogue….

//Sakura, 200x160cm, oil, acrylics and spraypaint on canvas

Images within images, visual dialogues spin the gaze in, engross the searching gaze. Ciphers and signatures, only imaginably designed hints at and immediately loses itself again, finds interpretations and stopping points. Contrast-rich and large-format, expressive colors, wild ductus and filigree forms lead the eye, suck interest and curiosity. When looking at them, one experiences an optimistic ecstasy that gives you the feeling that in all the chaos, there are laws that mean well with us. He is currently studying communication design in Hamburg with a scholarship in Poitiers, France.

//Unleashed in Montreal, 160x200cm, oil, acrylics and spraypaint on canvas

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