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by Antonio Piepo

//A short documentation by Antonio Piepo / Artist in question Christopher Kadetzki / Skaters in order of appearance: Nicky Guerrero / Jonas Bünger / Rune Glifberg / Music by TheFunkologist – Urban PleinAir

In December 2021, Christopher Kadetzki accompanied Nicky Guerrero over the course of a week on a tour of indoor skateparks in Copenhagen and Malmö. During this week, the two got to know each other better after their first meeting in the summer with Rune Glifberg. Christopher was able to gather many important impressions for his painting process through the exchange with these two great skaters. Through his plein air painting in the context of the urban landscape, Christopher Kadetzki creates new and vivid references between people and different aspects of urban subculture. The art also serves as a bridge between the artist and the people behind the motifs, so this form of up-close and artistic experience of this vibrant skate subculture can be seen as an important form of contemporary documentation.

“Theres almost music inside the picture when i see it.“

Nicky Guerrero

Behind each of the works created there is a unique story and the mood of each session is intuitively absorbed by the painter and translated into coloring and line work. Based on these impressions and experiences Christopher is now planning a portrait series of Nicky and local skate stars from Copenhagen. 

“Thats important to me, that i create a piece where the people can see themselves later on. Thats my goal. I want to portray the subculture.” 

Christopher Kadetzki 

//A Short documentation by Antonio Piepo
//Artist in Question – ChriStopher Kadetzki
//Music by TheFunkologist – URban Pleinair
//Skater in order of appearance Nicky Guerrero, Jonas Bürger, Rune GLifberg

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