//The inner Myth

On December 11th & 12th 2021, Culture.Room invited the french multidisciplinary artist ANIDE to commence his new exhibition series:

Composed of different multidisciplinary shows, the “Theatre of Reverie” revolves around the theme of the imaginary. Through artistic collaborations and the creation of bridges between different mediums, this series of exhibitions explores themes that aim to experiment with the deeply human state of reverie:

Hypnosis and automatic creation, dreamlike performances, content around waking dreams, suggestive and meditative music, workshops on alternative realities, studies of recitals around memory, come together to create an intimate experience for the visitors.

Video by Josephine Binder at our last exhibition “The inner Myth” by ANIDE at Sankt Studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Closely linked to our perception of the world, our imaginations shape our way of approaching reality. The stories we have heard and those we tell ourselves inhabit and form us. Since the dawn of time, humans have been creating narratives, ranging from everyday stories to myths that span across the ages. All of these narratives are intended to convey messages, to maintain a memory or, above all, to build ourselves as individuals or as a society.

This series of exhibitions aims to trigger the automatisms around these imaginations through sensitive, generous, intimate and immersive experiences in different locations with different concepts. The concept was built around a desire to recreate long forgotten pathways between people and their own stories about themselves and the world around them and tries to offer a poetic vision of our daily lives, so we can maybe experience new perspectives on our own imaginations and therefore on ourselves.

ANIDE / “L’horloge du temps perdu” , oil and raw pigment on paper (made with bark) , 25x35cm

//About the Show:

In a world which sometimes seems to have reached the humanly compatible limits of the societal dynamics, economics and politics put in place in recent decades, it seems crucial to invent new belief systems in order to create a more stable, sustainable and human society. To do this, we need to ask ourselves as individuals: What inhabits, drives and animates us? Which stories formed our society? How do these stories relate to the stories we tell ourselves about us and the world? What do we want to defend and share and why?

This exhibition should be understood as an unobtrusive suggestion on how we might be able to do this: Reconnect with our inner world and create collective narratives, far away from social constructions, based on what embodies us as humans. Mythology always had an important place in history. Through imagination and symbolism it served as a reference point for our fluctuating value systems throughout the centuries. It helped us to believe, to come together and drove our thinking. But what are the myths of our modern and occidental societies? 

The first show of the Theatre of Reverie revolves around these questions and invites the visitors to reflect on their own visions and myths, burried beneath reason and rational constructions of our day-to-day reality. Lost between dreams and reality, this exhibition wants to inspire the audience to create new collective myths, which we need to re-establish in order to form new (inter-)personal imaginations about ourselves and our place in this world.

Sankt Studio

This two-day exhibition consisted of artworks by ANIDE.

Live performances by Tsuki and Shannon Walsh in cooperation with Roxy Ruben Richens.

Music by Hannesmilan, Gina Lo, Leonard and Marta et les Coquillages.

//All photos by Josephine Binder.

//Bar and support by KUKUMU e.V.

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