//Skateboarding in Oil

//Poster-Design by Piotr Zapasnik

Culture.Room is pleased to present Skateboarding in Oil – a solo exhibition by:

Christopher Kadetzki

//Photo by Gerrit Piechowski, Modest Dept.

10th June – 19th July 2022

Fr. 10.06.22: 14pm – 22pm

//Regular opening hours:
Mon – Fr: 11am – 18 pm
Sat: 10am – 16 pm


Sidewalk Skateshop, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 4, 1153 Copenhagen

Skateboarding in Oil deals with an important year in Christopher Kadetzki’s life. His first trip to Copenhagen, his encounters with Nicky Guerrero, the Copenhagen Opens 2021 and the many experiences and events associated with that time not only appear in his paintings, but also shaped the artist’s life as well as his ideas and possibilities for the future.

Mainly on display will be works created over the course of the last year during the painter’s travels to Europe’s most famous skate spots in collaboration with a wide variety of greats from the skate scene, such as Nicky Guerrero. These include the Berlin Banks, Hullet Copenhagen and the Malmö Train Bank spot, which find their appreciation on a handmade and unique series of decks, which were built and designed in collaboration with Grzegorz Filewicz, founder of Berlin Boards Brewery.

//Iconic Spots Series

A special focus, which runs like a thread through Christopher’s oeuvre, the artist puts on the artisanal aspects of skate culture, which are often – obscured by trends, forgotten, but represent the indispensable foundation of this subculture. Without the almost artistic skills of ramp builders, carpenters and board builders, this culture and the currently ongoing “hype” could not exist. Skateboarding in Oil can in this sense also be understood as a tribute to the craft and to all the talented personalities behind it, who have accompanied the artist over the past year and who in the background make the successes of this vibrant subculture possible in the first place.

As part of the opening weekend of the exhibition, Culture.Room will host an after-show party on Saturday, June 11, 2022, at skatepark “Wonderland” in the Free City of Christiania. For both the Copenhagen and international skate scene, this represents a central place of exchange and gathering that has played a pivotal role in Christopher Kadetzki’s artistic development over the past year.

There will be German Hip-Hop acts of different generations, such as Figub Brazlevic and other artists from the Berlin underground hip hop label Krepkek Records.

//The event is kindly supported by: