Culture.Room warmly invites you to the new solo exhibition of Lilian Mühlenkamp: “Origin”, which will be presented as part of:
48h Neukölln Festival.

During the opening on Friday, 23rd of June, we invite you to participate in a musical journey led by Marta et les Coquillages from 6pm – 10pm.

We invite you to settle down in the middle of the church and join us on this trip.

Free entry / Donation welcome
Drinks at the bar.

“Origin” will be on view for 1 month, from:

Friday, June 23rd to Friday, July 28th.

The exhibition will be accessible from:

Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.

The space is open for everybody.
You can use it for relaxation, prayer or meditation. Children are always welcome.

Marta et les Coquillages is the alter ego of Anide, multidisciplinary artist and founder of The Theatre of Reverie project. Marta, who wants to tell stories with her music, moves between different atmospheres, genres and aesthetics, developing the concept of “Pictural Music” in her sets.

Her psychedelic, slow and pulsating Selecter sounds are an invitation to connect with our inner world through imagination, picking up sounds from different scenes and eras. Influenced by the dynamics of hypnosis, her stories suggest imaginary journeys towards what we dream and what we live, what we see and what we feel.

//About Lilian Mühlenkamp

Lilian Mühlenkamp’s abstract works, created on self-stretched, untreated canvases, are at their core an exploration of her own synesthesia as well as an artistic exploration of the dynamic tension between moments that arise by chance and the concrete control of the painterly medium. The intensive, experimental work with the material of color refined itself over the years into an individual technique of image creation and the special characteristic of her works. She responds individually to the results of the process, which at first is only controlled to a limited extent, shaping and defining the autonomous, final work in communication and interplay with the material.

Accordingly, the origin of the work lies in the dynamic interplay between the natural flow of the material and the conscious use of painterly technique. This original tension becomes clear in her large-scale compositions. Spatial depth, dynamics and natural patterns of movement find a balance with calm, clearly defined moments of the image. Through this exciting play of generating and reacting, she creates detailed and complex, but always abstract, otherworldly spheres that often evoke associations with hidden, primal structures in our reality that become visible through the painterly process.

Lilian Mühlenkamp deliberately remains anchored in abstraction and refrains from suggesting recognizable or representational elements in her compositions. Visitors are invited to relate their own thoughts and emotions to the works and thus create a personal relationship with the abstract worlds of  Lilian Mühlenkamp.

It is not her intention to suggest recognizable or representational elements in the composition. It is left to the viewer to be freely associative with the works. 

B42 (2021) / Mixed media on canvas / 150x200cm

Lilian Mühlenkamp was born in 1991 in Witten, Germany. In 2019, she graduated with an M.Ed. in fine arts and teaching from TU Dortmund University. Since then she has participated in several group exhibitions in Dortmund (Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Speicher100, Rekorder II, Maschinerie) and Berlin (Postwerk Tegel) and organized several solo exhibitions in both cities (HB55, Tyde Studios, Galerie KungerKiez). Currently she has her studio at HB55 – Räume der Kunst and works as an art teacher.