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Kristian Kühn

//Trauerfeier / 2020 / Mixed media on canvas / 80x120cm

Kristian Kühn, born 1995 in Heidelberg, lives and works in Mannheim. When his art started to turn from a hobby into an irresistible passion, he decided to quit his day job and to dedicate himself fully to his paintings. His impulsive style is reflected in his colourful, impressive works, mostly on large canvasses. His free-spirited working method allows him to express what is going on in his mind and to be fully immersed in the process. One of his hallmarks is a figurative component underscored by an abstract style. His works are usually loud and garish with vigorous colours, although some of them are more reduced in nature. He refuses to follow an exact recipe. Instead, he keeps surprising his audience with his versatility. Setting himself free is what he is all about. He rejects any kind of self-censorship, and this turns out to be his personal challenge every time.

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“Writing wiTh light”

The chosen motifs represent different aspects of our reality. We move in different realities and take in different nuances of this curious collection of entities through our eyes. Light serves as the medium of visual representation. The art of photography is an attempt to describe this reality, crystallizing our view of it through a variety of processes and perspectives by “writing with light” and recording it for our fellow human beings. Our perspectives differ depending on the country and place we are in. Through the international selection of artists and their different ways of working, an interesting reflection of our world is created that gives us a view of unique and often invisible moments and places of our daily lives. Houses and trees appear like isolated beings in empty space, mannequins and statues come to life through exposure, and people become an unmoving and silent part of an everyday backdrop. Emotions and hidden thoughts are crystallized through the artist’s lens and freeze as a moment of a secret life before our eyes in the frame of an everyday scenery. 

Ahmed SAlvador
Minagawa Takaumi
Jacob Middleburgh

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A. Fink aka Acidfinky is a German/Algerian DJ and producer, she grew up in France and is now based in Berlin for her studies. She started spinning records during the lockdown period in March 2020 and has since then tried exploring and mixing genres including bass, breakbeat, garage, dubstep, grime and some more experimental music.

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//Samuel Frömel

“Unknown Bloom“ / 50cm x 65,5cm / Mixed media on photography

Samuel lives and works in Munich. He believes that everyone is creative and swims with the flow of art. We just have to tune in and connect to the stream. We all can be artists in the exhibition ‘earth’ at the museum “universe”. When he came back from Nepal in April 2020, he found access to himself through the process of creative expression. He always felt a big desire to reveal his thought theatre and the urge to express his inner world in a way words can not do.

“A Ded Star“ / 50cm x 50cm / Mixed media on canvas

“Aquarius” / 29,7cm x 42cm / Mixed media on wooden panel

Sometimes words can play around the essence of his present feelings, but to reach access to his inner self, he needs an active entrance. And after his return from Nepals monasteries and mountain villages, he has never ever felt so ready to express. And it went by itself.

He likes the way of mindless painting and just scratching and ripping the material, colours and motives until he unfolds himself layer by layer, so he can see clearly and be fully present. Then it seems like he is just a valve for his inner expressions. It might show up as an introspective mirror or just a random play of colours, textures and contrasts, which flood through his hands in and on the surface of canvas or wood.

“Corona Cracked Persona“ / 42cm x 59,4cm / Mixed media on plywood board

“Layer By Layer” / 20cm x 30cm / Oil chalk on carton

His work isn’t planned or thought-out. It’s about finding the structure and form in the formless chaos inside a human’s mind. However there are several series or “solid” styles which arise, but mostly vanish as fast as they show up. Nevertheless, he exactly feels the point of completion in his work. It feels like arriving.

“Watt’s Love“ / 50cm x 50cm / Mixed media on carton

Though his work can be described is his personal gateway to come home. An imaginary fluid room, free of rating or solid thought-constructs. It’s a progress. A trip. The finished piece is a souvenir that he has brought from his journey. 

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//Karla Felipe Simon

//The song in a tropicalist look, 2020. Acrylic on canvas.

Karla Felipe Simon is a Brazilian art teacher and painter, who lives and works in Tubarão, Santa Catarina. Her works are done directly from her home, in an improvised studio. She usually seeks inspiration from current facts; themes that arouse different feelings in her, and, in turn, in those who observe the work. The “ Very Strange “ series, for example, arose from the need to expose her view of the current political and social scenario in her country. From then on, the chaotic situation in the Amazon and the negationism regarding the Covid-19 pandemic are also present in her art. She doesn’t plan her work, it appears during brush strokes, in an extremely open and fluid creative process. Most of the time she uses acrylic paint and posca pen on canvas, ceramic and wood.

//Creporizão, 2020. Acrylic on canvas.

//New Artist

//Olivia Waligora – Lilemi2

Olivia Waligora (also signs as „Lilemi2“) is a Polish/Norwegian artist, who works and lives in Berlin. Her images, both still and in motion, are her passion, which she is currently trying to pursue full-time. Her main focus lies on different people in various settings and circumstances. For her, the faces, bodies and emotions of these people are most captivating and fascinating. Her photographic style is characterised by strong contrasts, low light, dark aesthetics with a cinematic touch. The motifs in her images are often in motion and therefore look like stills from a movie scene. This creates a bigger story around her body of work and aims to evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer.

Her videos not only have an interesting story, but are aesthetically pleasing. Her work speaks of a distinct imagination and has an unreal feeling about it. It features people who are not afraid to go outside their comfort zones and most ideas happen on the spot and are inspired by the model, their circumstances and the given location. Motion and change, as well as the thrill of pushing boundaries are an underlying theme of her work. Her surreal works create a unique and interesting atmosphere and can be understood as a form of escapism from the daily boredom and negativity.

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//Julia Kobel

Julia Kobel is a 3D artist based in Mannheim, where she is currently finishing her Design studies. In 2017 Julia found her passion for 3D Design, since then she is experimenting with dynamic and organic forms as well as exploring a world consisting of technic and nature.
A central theme in her work is a constructed reality that at first glance contains real components or functions, but at second glance appears unreal and changed in many ways.