//Video by Maximilian Hoffmann & Ben Seegatz //Music by Liegeplatz

//Presented Artists

EMIK wants to create a low-threshold access to contemporary art by means of a multidisciplinary exhibition model. 

For artists as well as visitors, a space of experience is created in which the most diverse perspectives on art can be rethought. The focus lies on the breaking up of linear presentation models. Through the synthesis of different media, the exhibited works are to be “released from their frame” and the visitors will be addressed on various sensory levels.

The combination of painting, photography, performance, literature, music and digital art offers visitors the opportunity to find approaches that go beyond purely visual reception. In this way, we want to invite visitors not only to absorb what they have experienced, but also to become an active part of this exchange together with the artists.

In this sense, EMIK sees itself as an opportunity to create and experience culture together.  Far away from socially constructed boundaries, we would like to direct the view to what is essential (for us): the unadulterated artistic expression that is accessible to all.


25.03.22 – 02.04.22

POSTWERK Berlin / Grußdorfstraße 3, 13507, Alt-Tegel

//This Location is kindly provided by BEYDES – New Working Culture