25.03.22 – 02.04.22 / POSTWERK Berlin (Grußdorfstraße 3, 13507 Berlin)

//Lilian Mühlenkamp

Lilian Mühlenkamps abstract works on self-framed large sized canvases explore controlled free-flow by using a vibrant technique of color application (using the watery paint to stain the untreated canvas, rather than to stroke). In her creative process tension between aleatory (randomly) and openly forming moments of inviting randomness and precise guidance of the material is omnipresent.

//Dimitris Gizinos

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//Everett Babcock

As an interdisciplinary artist, Everett Babcocks practice consists of collecting, curating, managing, carrying, organizing, balancing, stacking, and bundling stuff. His own stuff and the stuff of others. Stuff found in scrap piles. Curb stuff. His father‘s stuff. The stuff you didn‘t want and gave him when he helped you move. The stuff becomes sculptures, appears in photographs, makes paintings, and aids videos and performances, which almost always contain reminders of the human body.


Arthur Rosset (who also signes ANIDE) is a multidisciplinary artist from Lyon, currently living and working in Berlin. Exhibited in London, Berlin, Lyon and Megève, he is a passionate self-taught artist. In 2021, he founded “Le Théâtre de la Rêverie”, a multidisciplinary label aiming to explore themes that revolve around the imaginary. Inspired by nature, philosophy, music and semiotics, Anide explores the imagination by creating a dreamlike world, a reverie where we get lost in the meaning we want to give it.

//Jonah Bache

Jonah Bache was born in Luxembourg City in 1996. Influenced by the experiences of various subculture movements, Jonah B. repeatedly came into contact with different forms of design and conception in the commercial as well as the independent art cosmos. In his early 20s, he moved to Berlin to pursue a BA in illustration and a second degree in textile and surface design at KHB. In addition to his studies, Jonah Bache gained further experience as an artistic assistant, among others with Moritz Neuhoff, and as a craft assistant in galleries such as Office Impart and Konrad Fischer in Berlin

//Marlon Nikolai Osburg-Kokenbrink

Marlon Nikolai Osburg-Kokenbrink, master student of Leif Skoglöf, has been studying communication design at HAW Hamburg since 2018, and received a scholarship to the Ècole des Beaux-Arts in Poitiers, France in 2021. His current style developed while trying to answer existential questions in a painterly way. Pointing to the transience and contingency of life from an early age, the abrupt loss of his mother and the responsibility of his own fatherhood shape Marlon Nikolai’s biography. Against the maxim of a life that can be planned, the open process, improvisation and chance form his understanding of existence and art.

//Max Heckmann

What initially began with a keen interest in black and white photography and a penchant for dark aesthetics, developed relatively quickly into colorful motifs. In his search for images, Maximilian Heckmann is primarily interested in a certain form of diversity or the combination of different themes and motifs in his works. A good photograph must captivate the viewer in a unique way. A search for clear motifs within the image is not excluded, but is deliberately staged to intensify the relationship between viewer and work.

//Jonas LieSaus

Jonas Liesaus is currently working on the interplay between the processes of letterpress printing and the visual appearance of the image. At the beginning of each of his works is the examination of the material. In an artisanal process, he works on wood and linoleum to produce the first basic forms of his image. On the one hand, Jonas makes use of the natural structure of the wood and follows the peculiarities of the grain. In complete contrast to this is the industrially produced linoleum, which allows him a very precise expression.

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