//New Project

Culture.Room_A Solidarity Stream

//14.06.20 6pm – 10pm CEST
in Room_A

//FeatureD ARTISTS:
//Hiner.k (Triftloch trupp) – Instrumental Boom bap/ HipHOp
//Sandro Marx (the Cave) – House/ easy listEning
//Mr. Klix (Breidenbach Label) – House/minimal/brakes
//salty (Culture.Room) – 90s minimal techno/ Tribals/ Classics
//Sérgio Ben Mário – Artwork
//Mr.KlIx – Sound for this vIdeo was taken from bbb – VInyl Set

//We collaborate with:
//HäusEr der Hoffnung – Schuldbildung für Afrika e.v. – NGO
//Room_A – Studio/Location

100% of the collected money goes to Häuser der Hoffnung – Schulbildung für Afrika e.V.

Their credo: Education helps to break the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunities.

Please help an get involved! Experience how their support works.
Please visit their homepage,
their Facebook and Instagram.

Every donation, no matter the amount, arrives and helps. We vouch for this.

For SEPA-Transactions:

IBAN: DE 42 67 25 00 20 00 09 88 88 88

Häuser der Hoffnung e.V.
Sparkasse Heidelberg
Konto Nr.: 9 888 888,
BLZ: 672 500 20
Keyword: Häuser der Hoffnung

Please provide us with your name, address and/or e-mail contact when making a donation.
At the beginning of the year following the donation you will receive a donation receipt for presentation to the tax office.
For donations of up to 200 Euro the receipt is sufficient.

//More inFormation concerning the Project in Mali:


This will be the main Newsfeed. It will be updated on a regular basis. The homepage will serve as the collective mind and communication-center for the network. Every time an artist wants to publish some of their work, seeks support for ongoing projects or events, or just wants to connect with others, they can publish an article here. We will curate, publish and archive the informations for you, so the Culture.Room gets filled step by step with art, inspiration and creative approches to live.

We will also upload information about upcoming events, projects, new artists, or general changes in the network. When you subscribe to the website, you will recieve a mail, everytime we will post something here. If you don’t want that, thats fine. But it would be good to stay updated in order to be able to work with the whole group and participate in new projects etc. So we can get closer as a network, create projects within a wider range and work together more efficiently.