//Makoto Inoue

Roppongi Art Night Tokyo, 2016

Makoto Inoue is a Berlin-based theatre director, techno producer, media artist and film director from Tokyo, Japan. Pursuing his particular minimalistic style of theatre, also trying to combine theatre with techno and abstract digital artworks.

Inoue started his creative career as an actor. In his 20’s he was featured in theatre plays, films and TV shows. The artist is fascinated by non-verbal performance, Mime. Inoue delivered his performances in more than 25 countries and he is awarded multiple international awards. Folktales or old stories are one of his main inspirations, Inoue’s major showpieces Kaguya and Dojoji are based on Japanese folk stories and Inoue reinterprets Shakespeare’s Richard III for the non-verbal theatre.

Since Inoue started to compose sounds for shows that he directed, he found the commonality between minimal techno music and Buddhist ideas. Buddhism is deeply rooted in his artistic practices, he tries to visualise the idea through digital media.


2022 / “Transisting”, Güthenburg

2022 / “Between Worlds Old Walls – New Art”, Berlin

2022 / “Asia Berlin Summit”, Berlin

2022 “KIAF”, Seoul

2022 / “IAM UKRAINE”, Prague

2022 “SYMPHONIA”, London

2021 / “The BODY LANGUAGE” Venice

2021 / “Barcelona Contemporary “, Barcelona

In 2019, the artist moved to Berlin and began his career as a techno producer and media artist in earnest.

//Sound sculptures

2022 / “Labyrinth” HAU2, Berlin

2022 / “Ubiquitous Assimilation” Gropius Bau, Berlin

2021 “Break & Connection” Oyun, Berlin

Inoue’s European debut album Wall EP (2019) was ranked 10th at Beatport. In 2020, he released European Labels, Eclipse Recordings and Gobsmacked Records in Berlin, Germany, Subwoofer Records and Insane Industry in Italy, and also released the Japanese Label Kyoto METRO. In early 2021, Inoue directed a short film “I, me…” and awarded in a number of international film festivals.


“Maple Layer” Kyoto Metro Compilation (2020 Kyoto Metro)

“Berlin Calling vol.10” (2020 Eclipse Recordings)

“Gobsmacked V/A” (2020 Gobsmacked Records)

“Only Bombs” (2020 Subwoofer Records)

“Environment EP” (2020 Insane Industry)

“Save The METRO “ (2020 Kyoto METRO)

“ATOMICA PhaseII” (2020 Insane Industry)

“Wall” EP (2019 Subwoofer Records)

He also produced and directed the main event for the 160 anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Japan and Germany with the Japanese embassy.



Independent Shorts Awards Festival in Los Angels

Best First Time Director / Best Film Noir Short / Best Production Design / Best Sound Design

Film Olympiad (Athens)

Best Sound Design / Best Production Design / Best Thriller / Best Cinematography / Best Costume Design

Cannes World Film Festival

Best Silent Film / Best Indie Short