//Available Artworks

Everett Babcock

The works shown are a selection from four bodies of work made in between 2019 and 2022. Central themes and processes include collecting, revaluing, storing, moving, carrying,
observational study, movement, play, the body, and materiality.

Single-use scrap materials collected from households, sidewalks, and construction site piles make up small chunky sculptural compositions. An arrangement of photographs and drawings serve as a contemplation of a minor injury. Lively-colored and playfully made paintings sitting somewhere between observational portraits and assemblages use found objects as source material. An evolving group of sculptures is made to be altered and exhibited in different configurations.

Together, the works enter into a playful exchange between sculpture and painting, between
body and thing. The selection reflects the aspirations of an interdisciplinary practice. Everett Babcock’s practice aspires to present the mental and physical as inseparable conditions, and show that it is impossible to address one without including the other. It also hopes to foreground the character, vibrancy, and humor of matter, to see it as relatable substance to empathize with.

Live performance in connection with the exhibited works on the 25.03.22

Performing / a set of actions / with various things

Engaging with / notions of /moving in/out / installing/deinstalling

having an art practice / having a life

moving stuff / sorting stuff / storing stuff / owning stuff / carrying stuff / being stuff

Actions: unpack / lift / carry / drag / stack / pile / organize / reorganize / balance / position / reposition / pack

Things: handtruck / sculptures / body / wood / foam / plastic / stone / bungee cords


//Gewichtig Leicht

//Bruised Boy

Bruised Boy / 2021

Brush marker on acrylic coated paper / 62,5 x 58cm


Bruised Boy / 2021
Oil pastel on paper with photgraphic prints / 117 x 82cm