//Moritz Waßmuth


The life’s work of an artist is only revealed through time. The process of painting is not a Monad, caught in the period of isolated creation. The context of life gives the work its meaning. The history of man, the context of artistic activity, can only be put into perspective and truly understood through the completed biography. The works must be considered as a unit, as a whole of life. The spirit of man is a landscape. Complex and angled, it runs through the days of action and behaviour. In the colours and forms we can recognise the influences of the environment in the reflection of past emotions and moods. The black spots of life are divided by the flow of bright moments. The life’s work tells a story. Only a walk with open senses can do justice to the creation.

//Selected Works:

//Harlequin / 147×133 / Acrylic, pastel chalk and oil on canvas

//Sirene / 96×58 / Oil on wooden board

//Shark / 107×152 / Acrylic, pastel chalk and spraypaint on canvas

//Untitled / 30×42 / Oil and pastel chalk on wooden board

//Dao / 20×83 / Acrylic on wooden board

//Untitled 20×83 / Oil and pastel chalk on wooden board

//Bird / 114×114 / Acrylic and pastel chalk on canvas

//Trash / Acrylic on paper