//Samuel Frömel

Samuel lives and works in Munich. He believes that everyone is creative and swims with the flow of art. We just have to tune in and connect to the stream. We all can be artists in the exhibition ‘earth’ at the museum “universe”. When he came back from Nepal in April 2020, he found access to himself through the process of creative expression. He always felt a big desire to reveal his thought theatre and the urge to express his inner world in a way words can not do.

Sometimes words can play around the essence of his present feelings, but to reach access to his inner self, he needs an active entrance. And after his return from Nepals  monasteries and mountain villages, he has never ever felt so ready to express. And it went by itself.

“Unknown Bloom“ / 50cm x 65,5cm / Mixed media on photography

“A Ded Star“ / 50cm x 50cm / Mixed media on canvas

“Freefall“ / 29,7cm x 42cm / Mixed media on canvas

He likes the way of mindless painting and just scratching and ripping the material, colours and motives until he unfolds himself layer by layer, so he can see clearly and be fully present. Then it seems like he is just a valve for his inner expressions. It might show up as an introspective mirror or just a random play of colours, textures and contrasts, which flood through his hands in and on the surface of canvas or wood.

“Corona Cracked Persona“ / 42cm x 59,4cm / Mixed media on plywood board

“Taped Duality” / 29,7cm x 42cm / Mixed media on carton

“Watt’s Love“ / 50cm x 50cm / Mixed media on carton

“Pressure“ / 14,8cm x 21cm / Mixed media on carton

“Layer By Layer” / 20cm x 30cm / Oil chalk on carton

His work isn’t planned or thought-out. It’s about finding the structure and form in the formless chaos inside a human’s mind. However there are several series or “solid” styles which arise, but mostly vanish as fast as they show up. Nevertheless, he exactly feels the point of completion in his work. It feels like arriving.

Though his work can be described is his personal gateway to come home. An imaginary fluid room, free of rating or solid thought-constructs. It’s a progress. A trip. The finished piece is a souvenir that he has brought from his journey. 

“Untitled” / 31,5cm x 40cm / Mixed media on canvas

“On the Way Home” / 125cm x 125cm/ Mixed media on canvas

“FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out“ / 73cm x 78cm / Mixed media on wooden panel

“Sewed 1“ / 29,7cm x 42cm / Mixed media on plywood board

“Open Space“ / 60cm x 80cm / Mixed media on canvas

“Kids see Ghosts” / 35,5cm x 44cm / Mixed media on framed canvas

//Contact us for more information: culture.room.artists@gmail.com