La poésie du visible et de l’invisible, du sonore et du visuel, de l’immobile et du vivant, s’offre alors à nous, sous une forme libre, sincère et plurielle.

Jade Ronat Maillé

Talk with a Desert (2023) / Oil on paper / 55x35cm

If the unconscious is structured as a language, to use Lacan’s words, Anide’s work is situated at the intersection of the unconscious and the conscious language.

Les chemins de Soie (2023) / Oil on paper / 60x70cm

Arthur Rosset (who signes ANIDE) is a multidisciplinary artist from Lyon, currently living and working in Berlin. Exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Lyon and Megève, he is a passionate self-taught artist. In 2021, he founded “Le Théâtre de la Rêverie”, a multidisciplinary label aiming to explore themes that revolve around the imaginary. Inspired by nature, philosophy, music and semiotics, Anide explores the imagination by creating a dreamlike world, a reverie where we get lost in the meaning we want to give it.

With his compositions and their intimate dimension, he returns to the essence of things, of oneself and of others. Through sensitive experiences, games of lines, shapes, colours and contradictions, he gradually digs into the layers of our imagination to offer us an enriched vision of our reality. Concerned with the links between elements and with creating new ones, all his work is a correspondence: between the abstract and the figurative, between different mediums, between the present and the future, between individuals, between art and life, between dream and reality, between our primal nature and the social injunction.

Inside the Urn (2023) / Oil on paper / 50x70cm

In an age that has distanced us from nature and our own nature, he sees this research as a gateway to a world that we have forgotten to see or that we may never have seen. Thus, through suggestion, he teaches us to pay attention to and trust our impressions, emotions, bodies and instincts. It is then up to us, as when he creates, to disregard any preconception in order to let our conscious and unconscious dialogue, in an instinctive and uncontrolled way, to interpret, feel, appropriate his work and finally let go. The poetry of the visible and the invisible, the sound and the visual, the still and the living, is then offered to us, in a free, sincere and plural form.

//Text by Jade Ronat-Maillé

Even the Phoenix is scared to die (2023) / Oil on paper / 80x60cm / SOLD


2012 – 2017 / Master of Science in Communication and Language, ISEG Lyon

//Exhibitions/Experiences (selected):

2023 / The Theatre of Reverie, Even the Phoenix is Scared to Die, Sankt Studio (Culture.Room), Berlin

2023 / Solo exhibition, Chapelle XIV, Paris

2022 / Residence at Culterim Gallery, Berlin

2022 / Solo exhibition, The Theatre of Reverie, Gr_und, Berlin

2022 / Group exhibition, EMIK, Postwerk Berlin

2021 / Solo exhibition, « The inner Myth », Sankt Studio (Culture.Room), Berlin

2021 / Group exhibition, Erratum Galerie & Trinidad, Mexico

2021 / Group exhibition « NATURES », BohoSphere, Lyon

2021 / Group exhibition, Le Ciel dans l’Escalier, Été Indien Festival, Arles

2020 / Solo exhibition “ Wilderness Unreality », Studio H13

2020 / Residence Subvenir by Studio H13 gallery, off biennale design, Saint Etienne

2020 / Group exhibition Studio h13, Les Rhodos Hotel, Megève

2019 / Group exhibition, By Other Means Gallery, London

2019 / Group exhibition « Fomosapiens », Palais Bondy, Lyon

2018 / Photographic installation, By Other Means Gallery, London

2017 / Solo exhibition« les préliminaires de l’amour », Désir Charnel, Lyon

//Past Exhibitions:
//About Theatre of Reverie:

Composed of different multidisciplinary shows, the “Theatre of Reverie” revolves around the theme of the imaginary. Through artistic collaborations and the creation of bridges between different mediums, this series of exhibitions explores themes that aim to experiment with the deeply human state of reverie:

Hypnosis and automatic creation, dreamlike performances, content around waking dreams, suggestive and meditative music, workshops on alternative realities, studies of recitals around memory, come together to create an intimate experience for the visitors.

Closely linked to our perception of the world, our imaginations shape our way of approaching reality. The stories we have heard and those we tell ourselves inhabit and form us. Since the dawn of time, humans have been creating narratives, ranging from everyday stories to myths that span across the ages. All of these narratives are intended to convey messages, to maintain a memory or, above all, to build ourselves as individuals or as a society.

TThis series of exhibitions aims to trigger the automatisms around these imaginations through sensitive, generous, intimate and immersive experiences in different locations with different concepts. The concept was built around a desire to recreate long forgotten pathways between people and their own stories about themselves and the world around them and tries to offer a poetic vision of our daily lives, so we can maybe experience new perspectives on our own imaginations and therefore on ourselves.