//Aron Goettmann

bones (2022) / Oil stick, airbrush and oil on canvas / 150×125 cm

Aron Goettmanns works always depict his typical, childlike, and colorful figures with facial features that are always shifted in the same way. They always arise from a spontaneous and subconscious thought, never stand still and are always in motion. 

He depicts them with twisted and exaggerated body positions, with arms in the air and legs kicking. Often they are dancing or running, kicking or jumping. They are rarely seen alone. They mostly exist in colorful groups in which they merge into one another and appear as a large mass of figures. 

The transitions between the figures are fluid and it becomes difficult to tell where one figure begins and ends or how many of them are in the painting. They form an impenetrable world of figures and seem like one big, energetic dance that is supposed to convey the joy of living. 

//Left: flowers and booze2 (2022) / Acrylic markers on canvas / 200x135cm / Right: flowers and booze1 (2022) / Acrylic markers on canvas / 200x135cm

Whether it‘s a character with three faces or three characters standing on their own is difficult even for him to tell, as they are self-contained and subconsciously begin to exist on the canvas, with his own influence playing a secondary role. If you look at his figurative worlds, they no longer appear just sweet, happy, friendly, and colorful, but also show many opposites and more precisely reflect his own experiences or experiences of friends and acquaintances. 

happy sad (2021) / Acrylic marker on canvas / 150x125cm

If you take a closer look, you can see the sweet figures drinking or smoking, raising glasses and bottles over their colorful heads in rage. Sweating, crying, spitting up, or spilling drinks. They are partly half-naked, have crosses on their bodies and their arms or legs are partly represented as bones. They also wear very colorful and costume-like clothing, which is intended to show the denial of reality and the escape from everyday life. 

Each symbol that appears is assigned a specific meaning. So Aron often combines them with flowers or plants to symbolize innocence and life. Some of the characters are happy, some are sad, some are lost and others are blessed. The differences are difficult to discern in the work, as the many characters merge into one great mass, mixing looks, gender, symbolism, and feelings. 

Scenes like this can be found again and again in his work. Club scenes with alcohol and drug consumption, in which people dance away their frustration with everyday life full of energy and rage. And none of them is like the other. A colorful mass blurs in the night’s colors and slowly merges into one another. In his work, it doesn‘t matter whether a figure is a woman or a man, a human being or an animal. Every character is universal. There are also smoking cats with masculine facial features and large, bare breasts.

The artist reflects these real nightlife scenes and other scenes from his life in many of his figurative worlds, but he puts them out of context and always presents them in a neutral light. The background remains simple and mostly monochrome so as not to refer to a specific place or time. The figures and symbols should speak for themselves.

seven heaven (2020) / Acrylic spray and acrylic marker oil on canvas / 100x140cm

Aron Göttmann was born in 1997 and grew up in a quiet suburb of Heidelberg. From a young age he was thrilled about the style of comic drawings and pop art. At the age of fourteen he became aware of the German and American graffiti scene, which aroused his interest in art in general, but street art in particular. At this time his art was mainly influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. To make a name for himself on the streets, he began painting walls around his hometown. Projecting his world of figures onto large surfaces and not being restricted by a screen particularly appealed to him. Later it was very important to him to go back to the canvas and develop his figurative style and visual language. Today, Aron Göttmann lives and works in Mannheim, where he devotes himself entirely to his figurative worlds.


2023 Solo Exhibition, POP-UP, Köln, Germany

2023 Solo Exhibition, Uuuhmami, Heidelberg, Germany

2022 Solo Exhibition, 68 Gallery, Mannheim, Germany

2022 Group Exhibition, 68 Gallery, Mannheim, Germany

2022 Solo Exhibition, PopUp-Devil Love, Cologne, Germany

2021 Solo Exhibition, Christians, Neckargemünd, Germany