//Christopher Kieling

Sierra Halbe Brücke (2022) / Oil on canvas / 80x100cm

Christopher Kieling’s works invite us to reflect on the “construction” of our reality, highlighting aesthetic qualities that are often overlooked in our fast-paced lives. His motives vary greatly, but what is constantly present is his almost monumental depiction of reality. Through the disclosure of visual reference marks or only partially depicted subjects, his highly realistic style develops almost abstract qualities provoking viewers to fill and expand the impressions with the impulses of their own consciousness.

George Plant (2022) / Oil on canvas / 120x150cm

“His composition are often stage-like; creating a dialogue between his protagonists and their surroundings. Props and expressive gestures compose a narrative which the viewer is challenged to untangle.”

Running Laps (2023) / Oil on canvas / 100x80cm

Berlin-based artist Christopher Kieling (b. 1988) graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Graphic Design. His background in design combined with his passion for mark-making come together to create a visual experience of bold compositions and technical finesse. Inspired by contemporary painters like Neo Rauch and Euan Uglow, Kieling begins to explore figurative compositions in 2014. In 2020 his meticulously planned Sierra paintings caught the attention of international galleries and resulted in an inaugural solo exhibition at Grove Square Galleries in London the same year.

Pina Sunset (2023) / Oil on canvas / 100x80cm

Kieling’s work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions including Uli Fischer Galerie (Berlin); Cornelia Walter Galerie (Munich) and The Book Club (London). As well as representations at national and international art fairs including SIAF (Salzburg); ARTMUC (Munich); STROKE Art Fair (Munich); Kunstmesse Regensburg (Regensburg); BCN Art Fair (Barcelona) and KUBOSHOW (Herne).

Scooter Fade (2023) / Oil on wood / 30x20cm

In 2010 Kieling was the recipient of BarTur photography award and the University of the Arts London degree show CAN Audience Award.