///Die Typografie Abstrakte

Die Typografie Abstrakte is the name of the urban art collective consisting of the artists and graphic designers Patrick Reinwald (PR) and Florian Perez.

After more than two decades in the classic graffiti scene, they made a stylistic break in 2020 and founded “Die Typografie Abstrakte”. From now on, the focus was no longer on the classic self-presentation of a graffiti artist, but on an abstract, open-ended exploration of typography and its interaction with urban elements, as well as the viewer.

//Paper DIN-A2

Their works range from small and medium formats to sculptures and large outdoor surfaces. The techniques and media vary greatly. The core of their typographic expression is to take away the existing meaning of the letter. If typography otherwise forms a universal basis of human communication, the two thus manage to create space for interpretation and the viewer’s own interpretations in what are actually familiar forms.


Patrick Reinwald (PR) (2021) / 9x9x23cm

Patrick Reinwald (PR) (2020) / 10x10x10cm

The two describe fragmenting the learned forms of typography in an almost aggressive way in order to create something abstract as the driving force of their work. Through their different, complementary, styles, they also manage to create a dynamic within the artwork, which captures the viewers and allows them to lose themselves in this correlation.

//Stadt Wand Kunst

35m2 Mannheim 49°29’41.4″N 8°28’43.4″E PR & Perez (2022)

//Vertikal 4


49°28’54.2″N 8°27’37.2″E Perez & PR (2020)