//Esther Valerie Riegler

INNENSCHAU / 2021 / 38,5 x 25 x 31cm
Multi shell plaster cast painted with acrylic binder and pigments / Exhibited 2022 at Panketal Town Hall

„My works refer to our body consciousness. It is about feeling oneself and making inner processes perceptible through my work. I convey this through the chosen material, through the process of creation, and of course through the optical aesthetics.“

LETTERBOX / 2021 / 2,40 x 0,67 x 0,52m
Rusty circular saw and iron pipes welded together / Oxidation of iron and copper Concrete, epoxy resin, coconut fibres

Left: ON REPEAT / / 2022 / 2,40×0,67×0,52m / Hare wire fence, cassette film, odour trail
Right: HASENSPIEL / 2022 / 2,40×0,67×0,52m / Hare wire fence, wire cord, air

Esther Valerie Riegler lived 8 years of her life in a cohousing project in Austria called Pomali. During this time she was able to experience how important and centering life in community is. In the close togetherness natural frictions arise, but in a mindful interaction with each other these are among other things very healing experiences.

CAN’T SEE ME / 2019 / 23x11x9cm
On view 2021 during [KUN:ST] ,,Mensch wo bist du?” / Received the audience award

THE SEEKERS / 2021 / 0,58×0,40×0,14m
Black swede , red granite

Esther has been a resident of Berlin since 2021. Naturally, she is attracted by the charm of the diversity to be discovered here. It is a good place to engage with people and culture and also with herself. She sees a great value in exposing oneself to a wide variety of influences in order to keep one’s worldview open. This promotes in her case a broader expression in her work. Because she is still looking for new ways to convey the relationship to her own body even more tangibly and clearly. Thereby Esther is not averse to any medium as long as it is ecologically justifiable.

OFFERING THE SUN / 2021 / 2×0,75×0,50m
Copper beech

(SERIES) COCOONS: Left FEAST / 2,16×0,57m / Right COAT / 2,21×0,47m / 2022 Larch wood, bark, fire (coal) / Participation in the Sculpture Festival Flensburg-Masquerade ball

The works should inspire self-respect and thus at the same time respect for our environment. She emphasizes the reference to the environment with the choice of her materials. Such as stone, earth, snow, wood, metal, oxidation.

ESTHERBUNNY / 2021 / 0,23×0,25×0,15m
Snow and hare tracks

In the implementation of her work, she is guided by the natural structures of the material. Be it a knothole in the wood or an unexpected coloring in the stone.

In the future, she also wants to experiment more with materials that do not come from the classical tradition of sculpture. For example salt or algae. For her, art has a very fine sensory purpose. It serves as a means to experience things on a non-cognitive level.

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