//Everett Babcock

As an interdisciplinary artist, Everett Babcocks practice consists of collecting, curating, managing, carrying, organizing, balancing, stacking, and bundling stuff. His own stuff and the stuff of others. Stuff found in scrap piles. Curb stuff. His father‘s stuff. The stuff you didn‘t want and gave him when he helped you move. The stuff becomes sculptures, appears in photographs, makes paintings, and aids videos and performances, which almost always contain reminders of the human body.


Central themes around collections, weight, and the body always emerge in his work. He considers living as a body – an act of carrying. Transporting objects and possessions is intertwined with this notion. Acts of carrying and transporting are not only physical acts, they are also psychic gestures that convey meaning and affect. Packing, unpacking, stuffing, collecting, stacking, and balancing are actions that can address internal conditions, such as memories, feelings of instability, urgency, and humor. He is interested in making sense of the mental and material realities of balancing his body, a life, possessions, and an art practice through playful making. He creates exhibitions formed by the stuff of these experiences, hopefully leading viewers to empathize and relate to the things in front of them.

//Gewichtig Leicht / 2019

Everett Babcock was born 1990 in Long Beach, California, and grew up between Long Beach and Downey, a city just southeast of Southeast Los Angeles. There, he has a house and a modest garage studio. Now, he lives and works in Berlin, occasionally visiting his LA home. He attended Long Beach City College before transferring to UCLA, where he received a BA in fine art. He is a commuter and he hates traffic, but enjoys that his compact car is able to carry a good sized exhibition. He has exhibited at the LBCC gallery, LBMA Downtown, UCLA’s New Wight gallery and Little Gallery, Kanzlei gallery at Das Institut Für Alles Mögliche, and Angel’s Gate Cultural Center.

//Bruised Boy / 2021


2021 – Present / Universität der Künste (UdK), Bildende Kunst Lehramt 

2017 – 2019 / University of California (UCLA), BA, Freie Kunst 

2013 – 2017 / Long Beach City College

//Exhibitions (selected):

2021 / Group exhibition, Berlin, Germany, Kultur Fabrik Moabit “Only One Hammer”

2021 / Group exhibition, Berlin, Germany, UdK “Rundgang”

2021 / Group exhibition, Berlin, Germany, Kultur Fabrik Moabit “Suckcess”

2019 / Group exhibition, Los Angeles, USA, New Wight Gallery “Undergrad Scholarship Exhibition”

2019 / Group exhibition, Los Angeles, USA, The Moving Crate “S Studio Supplemental”

2019 / Group exhibition, Long Beach, USA, LBCC Gallery “Root Cause”

2019 / Group exhibition, San Pedro, USA Angel’s Gate Cultural Center “On the Brink”

2019 / Solo exhibition, Los Angeles, USA Broad Art Center, “In On Around”

2019 / Solo exhibition, Berlin, Deutschland Institut für alles Mögliche, Kanzlei, “Körperzeug”

2018 / Group exhibition, Los Angeles, USA The Little Gallery “Grocery List”

2018 / Group exhibition, Los Angeles, USA New Wight Gallery “Are You Ready to Rock”

2017 / Group exhibition, Long Beach, USA, Long Beach Art Museum Downtown “From Within”

2016 / Group exhibition, Long Beach, USA, LBCC Gallery “Student Art Exhibit”

2016 / Group exhibition, Long Beach, USA Art Space 851 “LBC Arts Foundation Fundraiser”

2015 / Solo exhibition, Long Beach, USA The Attic “Drawings to Drink by”


2019 / UCLA-Faculty Awarded Scholarship
2019 / Artist Residency, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE
2018 / UCLA-Faculty Awarded Scholarship
2016 / LBCC-William Baxter Memorial Scholarship


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