//Franziska Hemler

Franziska Hemler is a visual artist, born in 1994 and based in Frankfurt/Main. Initiated by and closely linked to her photographic work, she began to address the topic of space and the dynamics of the (in)visible in her abstract paintings. The questions of visibility and legibility also determine her new works, in which she explores writing and the scriptural in the artistic process. 

“Since 2020, I have been working with writing in my paintings. – on the one hand in the form of written reflections on my painting processes, on the other hand also more concretely with writing in the picture. I am often interested in the the discrepancy between the legible and the illegible. It is then not about the content of what is written, but about the figurative of the letters, which organises the pictorial space or serves as an orientation in the painting process: the writing movement becomes the painting gesture and the painting gesture becomes the writing movement. In this way, I would like to challenge the viewer to search for the legible, which often ends in the meaninglessly trivial or comes to nothing.”

viel zu weit ausgeholt (2020) / Acrylic on canvas / 110x80cm