The Post-palimpsest series wants to let the scars from the shaped and conditioned trees of our cities shine by themselves under a different light. Those trees have the capacity to absorb the scars and magnify them. This way we can contemplate a colorful and yet dramatic narrative. All the colours appear as a result of a simple an digital superposition procedure from the photographies of the trees and a long exposure image of lights. The nature here comes from a dark and uncertain background in which the light acts as a symbol of hope making those scars appear with a shiny beauty.

Colourful expectations (2022) / Metal print / 100x100cm

The signals that travel at a speed of one centimeter per minute (2022) / Metal print / 100x66cm

Esthetics of a broken cycle (2022) / Metal print / 100x66cm

Half architect and half artist. Sometimes optimistic and sometimes dramatic about our continuation as a society, Iyho lets his subconsciousness translate the tragic situation that surrounds us through painting, photography, drawing and writing in an artistic way.

As an emerging artist in this critical period of time, one of his goals is to make his own generation reflect about the distorted nature that surrounds us. Often named as “post-nature” or in some other circumstances as “third landscape” by french landscape architect and writer Gilles Clément, this is the nature to which he was the most exposed as a millenial raised on the outskirts of several cities.

The third landscape vibration

Designates the sum of the space left over by man to landscape evolution – to nature alone. Included in this category are left behind urban or rural sites, transitional spaces, neglected land, swamps, moors, peat bogs, etc.

Most of us will be more exposed to suburban and decadent nature than to a wild and completed nature. And yet there as hidden attraction, hard to fully understand. Due to a superposition of paintings and a distorted nature, the strokes empower a decaying vegetation melting itself with the cutted branches and the scars.

No beauty without defeat.
No defeat without beauty.

“Somehow, I want to express the emotional impact that climate change, the loss of an environment and the uncertainty of the times have on the younger and often alienated, urban generations. Isolation, conflict, void and defeat as well as fight, light, beauty and hope are at the core of the artistic creation behind the artworks.
I simply try to be a witness of our time.

Our emptied nature

Lumos iteratio

Lumos iteratio is the result of an intuitive iteration of long exposure photographies. Unlike the others series, there is no interpretation intented. Art has the capacity to be liberated from every social and political context. So does this series. A liberated and innocent beauty that offers the counterpoint to the rest of the works.

Falling topographies

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