//Jonas Liesaus

//Untitled (2021) / Linolcut, part of a series of 16 unique works / 96x78cm

Jonas Liesaus was born in 1999 in Potsdam, Germany. Since October 2018 he is in his main course of study in the specialist class of Professor Ingo Meller and is co-supervised by Professor Oliver Kossack at the Academy of Visual Arts.

//Jonas Liesaus at HGB-Leipzig

Jonas Liesaus is currently working on the interplay between the processes of letterpress printing and the visual appearance of the image. At the beginning of each of his works is the examination of the material. In an artisanal process, he works on wood and linoleum to produce the first basic forms of his image. On the one hand, Jonas makes use of the natural structure of the wood and follows the peculiarities of the grain. In complete contrast to this is the industrially produced linoleum, which allows him a very precise expression.

//Both: Untitled (2021) / Linolcut, oil on paper, part of a series of 8 unique prints / 86×67,5cm

Due to the complex interplay of the printing blocks, the printing process often creates unexpected overlaps and scope for action. Surfaces, lines and structures delimit themselves from one another and yet merge into one another. 

The exhibited works are an attempt to depict constricting and divisive aspects alike with a simplified formal language. The colouring and arrangement of the surfaces and lines convey a spatiality reminiscent of geographical maps. Structures demarcate and yet merge, just as people in different social and cultural contexts live separately from each other and have to find a way to live together. Looking for commonalities and similarities in the diversity was the focus of the artistic exploration.

//Untitled (2021) / Linolcut, oil on paper, part of a series of 8 unique prints / 86×67,5cm

Jonas condenses the forms and color expansions that arise in the process until there is an exciting relationship between stability and instability within the composition. The abutting or subtly shifting surfaces are contrasted by voids and underlying traces of work.

Jonas Liesau’s works represent the fine line between tense spatial situations in which outer boundaries meet inner boundaries, but also enter into a relationship. The layered colors and forms borrow from observation of the environment and are interwoven linearly as well as horizontally.


2021 / Painting class, Professor Anne Speier

2021 / Co-supervision by Professor Oliver Kossack

2021 / Member of the study commission at HGB Leipzig

2020 – 2021 / Painting class, Professor Ingo Meller

2018 / Studying painting/printmaking at HGB Leipzig

//Exhibitions (selected):

´2021 / Group exhibition “Passanten“, Mädler Art Forum, Leipzig

2021 Solo Exhibition “Rodung“, Projectroom printing departement HGB, Leipzig

2021 / Group exhibition “EMIK“, off space Knaackstraße, Berlin

2021 / Group exhibition “X&Beyond”, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig

2021 / Publication “Venedig Venedig Venedig“

2020 / Solo exhibition “Transit“, Ostkreuzcampus, Berlin

2020 / Group exhibition “Column“, The Grid Cabins, Berlin

2019 / Group exhibition “Matière… Not Metier“, UAL Camberwell College of Arts, London


2021 / Artist in Residence, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig

2021 / Work fellowship, City of Kalbe

2021 / Work fellowship, Spinnerei Leipzig in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Leipzig