//Lilian Mühlenkamp

Lilian Mühlenkamps abstract works on self-framed large sized canvases explore controlled free-flow by using a vibrant technique of color application (using the watery paint to stain the untreated canvas, rather than to stroke). In her creative process tension between aleatory (randomly) and openly forming moments of inviting randomness and precise guidance of the material is omnipresent. To only let the paint and water flow, wouldn’t be challenging enough. To create something out of it, so shape, frame it and “communicate” with it is the most interesting part of the act of painting. The process itself here becomes a tension between water and paint, letting it run free and yet at some point intervening, directing and drawing hard edges. Sometimes precise, sometimes hidden.

B99 (2022) / Mixed media on canvas / 120x180cm

The gestural and radical movement is as significant as the explicit actions close to the fabric. Through the usage of mixed media (paint) the ensemble of dynamic lines and movement in contrast to clear, almost sharp areas is the primary concern. In other words: finding a balance between both visually challenging elements and room to rest is the main feature. This balance developed a more and more “radical” move and bolder decisions over time. This tense harmony  is the core of the work and what makes a painting autonomous and exciting for the artist.

This art form avoids any clear and distinct points of concreteness, or any identifiable parts. Key aspects and aspirations really lie in the work with material and (im)balancing abstract forms and figures. However, the vivid motion of water and the reaction of absorption and fluidity is always visible. Highly diluted paint is placed on a non-primed raw canvas. The paint will be soaked into the fabric and in combination with mixed media visually rejected from the water/canvas.

B71 (2022) / Mixed media on canvas / 100x200cm

Motion in painting and on the canvas is an important part of Lilian Mühlenkamps process: from throwing water and paint, to turning, moving the painting and eventually working closely and meticulously in front of the work.

An inner sense of synesthesia is also an inspiration and impulse for many artworks by Lilian Mühlenkamp. People, situations or moments are felt deeply in the form of colorful senses or colorflows which sometimes remain in her memory and are brought into a painting.

B87 (2022) / Mixed Media on canvas / 120x80cm


2012- 2019 / B.Ed. Fine Arts , TU Dortmund University

//Exhibitions (selected):

2021 / BOLD, Kunger Galerie, Berlin (solo show)

2021 / Backwash, TYDE Studios, Dortmund (solo show)

2020 / Speicher100_exh01, Speicher100, Dortmund

2019 / Hafenspaziergang, Speicher100, Dortmund (harborwalk)

2019 / Format F, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund (Photoexhibition)

2018 / Nordstadt entdecken, Rekorder II, Dortmund (discover Nordstadt)

2018 / Absolute Freiheit, Maschinerie, Dortmund (Absolute Freedom)

2018 / Solo Show, Studio K44, Oelde

2016 / Solo Show, Studio Brigitte Mühlenkamp, Dortmund

2016 / Rundgang TU Dortmund

2015 / Rundgang TU Dortmund

2015 / Bildwechsel TU Dortmund

2014 / Rundgang TU Dortmund

2013 / 4hKUNST, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund (4hART)