//Max Thom

Maxi grew up in a small town named Stendal in the north of Saxony-Anhalt.
He has been living and studying here in Berlin for three years.

It was only last year when he began to do sketches regularly, which he then gradually began to transfer to canvas.

His aversion to any kind of seriousness has probably kept the autodidact from painting in earnest for a while. Even today he still does not appear to take himself seriously.
Seeming pretentious to him, principles are far from him.

Above all, Maxi draws inspiration from the ridiculousness of his life and transforms his ideas into figurative works with cheap brushes and acrylic paints. The idea as such is the center of his creative process. He always perceives his surroundings as a point of reference, to which he likes to refer, but at the same time tries to detach himself from it.
The oddities we encounter in his works are the effort to take away from everyday life that seriousness which he finds so unbearable.

Maxi is still at the beginning of whatever is there to come. He continues to work in his small home studio whilst trying to give necessary space to both failure and success.

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