//Moritz Berg

//Moritz Berg

Moritz Berg focuses on the impact of a nature informed environment and its aesthetic impressions on one. He translates these impressions into abstract formations through his artistic process. This concept is informed by the principle of a mindful perception of our environment and relates to the idea of a passive presence of the mind. This allows Berg to perceive his surroundings without the boundaries of our socio-cultural informed filters that often disconnect us from the world.

37430 (2023) / Acrylic, dispersion and oil on canvas / 180x140cm

“My aesthetic reaction is not retrieved from memory, or derived from social norms. Thus the individual aesthetic sensation and its effect can be explored.”  

BEAUCARNEA (2022) / Acrylic, oil and laquer on canvas / 150x180cm

Moritz Berg was born in 1994 near Stuttgart, Germany. In 2021 he graduated with a MSc in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2018 he has participated in various group exhibitions and art fairs in London (at Gallery 46), Vienna (at Parallel Vienna with Galerie Tassilo Usner) and Düsseldorf (Soif). He is currently represented by Alzueta Gallery (Barcelona/Madrid, Spain), Galerie Tassilo Usner (Salzburg, Austria) and Gallery Rath (Austin TX, USA). It will be his first group exhibition in Berlin.

SENTIMENT (2022) / Acrylic, charcoal and oil on canvas / 150x130cm
KARA YOSUN (2022) / Charcoal, bleach and oil on canvas / 150x130cm
AMOR FATI (2022) / Acrylic and oil on canvas / 150x130cm