//Pia Fleckenstein

THIS IS ZONJAH (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 125x125cm

Pia Fleckenstein studied at the Faculty of Design in Würzburg. Today she lives and paints in Hamburg. Her focus lies on sculptures made of steel and large acrylic paintings on wood. In her work she searches for color, for form and their mutual dissolution. She deals with the anatomy of the female body and its interactions with its surroundings.

THIS IS ILGIT (2022) / Varnished steel / 60x25x74cm

In the process she searches for interweavings of pictorial planes that dissolve boundaries between spaces, protagonists and contents and translate them into fluid tissues. Everything represented reaches a surface, becomes a tissue, an epidermis and a homogeneous surface. Figures lose their individuality, become fleeting impressions and parts of a mosaic. In other words, she is looking for the divine in her works.

THIS IS BARBETTE (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 125x125cm

THIS IS PLOY (2022) / Acrylics on wood / 125x125cm


2017 – 2021 / Universität Würzburg, Illustration / Bewegtbild / Grafikdesign / Typografie

//Exhibitions (selected):

2022 / Mural (6 x 12m) MS Artville

2022 / Mural and solo exhibiton, Hamburg, Millerntor Gallery

2021 / Solo exhibition, Hamburg, «St. Pauli – 100 Blickwinkel»

2021 / Solo exhibition, Hamburg, Weidenkantine

2019 / Solo exhibition, Waldschlösschen Dornheim, «All the ladies in my head»

//Experiences (selected):

2021 – 2022 / Exhibition Management Museum am Rothenbaum, Hamburg

2021 / Conversion of a transport ship into a studio

2021 / Collaboration with fashion designer Lea Lahr-Thiele

2019 – 2021 / Publication of various illustrated books

Since 2020 / Production of steel sculptures

THIS IS SOSHO AND CORIANDRE (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 59x96cm

THIS IS VIRGIL AND SZENARIO (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 83x105cm

THIS IS VIRGIL AND SZENARIO (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 83x105cm

THIS IS SERJOSHA AND ESTRAGON (2022) / Acrylic on wood / 83x105cm,