A. Fink aka Acidfinky is a German/Algerian DJ and producer. She grew up in France and is now based in Berlin for her studies. She started spinning records during the lockdown period in March 2020 and has since then tried exploring and mixing genres including bass, breakbeat, garage, dubstep, grime and some more experimental music.

Her main motivation is to use her music as a tool to make DJing more accessible and inclusive. She is a member of SPOON, a DJ workspace for women, trans and enby folks and also one of the co-founders of BLVSH, a FLINT-only collective. Together they aim at the diversification of the electronic music scene by publishing a weekly podcast, curating digital events and organizing vinyl mixing workshops for beginners. You can catch her every eight weeks on THF Radio with « Twisting Knobs », a show which consists of DJ sets and interviews around feminism.

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