Pijus is a DJ/Producer from Lithuania, Kaunas. He started his musical journey as a DJ but after a few years of exploring this path in various Clubs in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga (Kablys, Lizdas, Opium, Rąžė, Peronas), he decided that he wanted more, so he got into the  Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Conservatory and started learning the fundamentals of music and music production.

Besides that, he started organizing house/garage events in the main clubs in Lithuania, where he invited international DJs such as Harrison BDP, Dr. Banana, Mezigue, 1-800 girls, and many more. At the moment he has his own event series called “Lengvoji Atletika”, based in the Lizdas Club.

He has released three EP‘s and a bunch of singles on underground labels such as HOUZ, welofi, whypeopledance, Les Yeux Orange, Moskalus, EELF, and Filth.Inc. He also participated in National Radio broadcasts and some of his tracks are regularly played on the LRT radio. He also had his Berlin debut at Refuge Worldwide.

Besides electronic dance music, he has also created music for several exhibitions and art shows. The biggest project that he has participated in was creating music for the exhibition of the European Capital of Culture – Portal to Kaunas, which took place in Luxembourg.