//Sandro Marx


Sandro first came in touch with house, techno and minimalistic sounds while growing up close to Frankfurt am Main. Legendary clubs like U60311, Robert Johnson and Kbar (HotelDigital) shaped his taste of music in the early days.

A few years later he co-founded the Music Collective “The Cave” in Groningen, the Netherlands with the aim to bring musical talents, music lovers and enthusiastic dancers together in warehouse settings. The raves focused on uniqueness in atmosphere and musical experience and tried to build a platform for art of all kinds. During this time and due to his travels in South Africa, South-East Asia and Central America he established his love to sounds like Disco, Funk, Jazz, Asian – , Central / South American – and African – Music in combination with House and Minimal, from a dance and music-lover to the dancefloor-lovers.

Nowadays, Sandro lives in Berlin during summer and works in event productions and artist care for different companies. (No words needed for the development of tastes in electronic sounds in Berlin). During winter he escapes the tough weather to Laax, Switzerland where he found a regular series of events which focuses on funky electronic sounds and follows residencies in different local clubs / bars as well.

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