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What is Jazz? For some people it’s one of four general categories to classify all music. There’s only Classical music, Pop, EDM and Jazz. So what makes this type of music unique in that regard, would be that it has the biggest amount of improvisation. Some say it’s west African rhythms mixed with European harmony, but that’s not really true, isn’t it?

If you go study Jazz at a university, what you will learn most of the time is Bebop. And most of the time these institutions consider that particular style as the epitome of Jazz. It’s a style which was developed in the 60s by people like Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie or Thelonious Monk. The songs are fast and full of crazy chord changes and melodies, diverging from the former perception of Jazz dance music and making it more intellectual and experimental.

It’s weird that you mainly learn this isn’t it? Has nothing happened since the 60s? What we found to be the style most typically associated with the word Jazz by people in general, is either the 40s Swing or the 70s Cool Jazz, which sometimes sounds like, you know…elevator music. But all this is bullshit. This is not what defines jazz as an art form. The way we understand it, is not as a musical genre or style at all. If Yussef Kamaal, Norah Jones, Hiatus Kaiyote and Tigran Hamasyan are considered Jazz, what connects their music? King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are experimental, have intricate harmonies and they improvise a lot. But it’s not considered Jazz.

We think that genre classifications in music are stupid and take away an essential part of the important experience that every artist is unique and doesn’t want to play Jazz or Rock or Pop, but to express her or himself and inspire others thorugh their art. So here on this page everything is considered Jazz, that is expressive and real, creates something new and unique, takes a risk, is crazy and weird and beautiful. We hope the Jazz.Room will be a place, where you can find that Jazz spirit.