//Hakim Azmi – Keys, Synth, Youri-Nesta Kobbert – Percussion, Bass, Rasmus Rehwaldt – Trombone, Hagen von Chamier – Clarinet, Ada Greifenhahn – Baritone Saxophone, Balthasar Wilzopolski -Trombone, Edward Krenzlin – Bass, Percussion, Shleinus – Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Leila Greifenhahn – Alto Saxophone, Noah Gayer – Drums

Antimeta started out in 2014 in the singer Shleinus’ basement in Berlin as a fun punk project between 4 friends. Years later it is a 10 people world jazz funk outfit with almost every member studying music academically, but the punk attitude remained. “Squeeze the Juice”, Antimeta’s debut album dropped in 2018 on Bandcamp and their follow up “Der Erdnuss Aspekt .” was released everywhere on March 11th 2023.

With 5 horns, including clarinet, bass clarinet and 2 trombones, combined with every player having vastly different influences such as Bebop, Funk, Broken Beat, West African traditional music and soul just to name a few, Antimeta has created its very own unique sound and style, with many songs defying stylistic categorization.

The at times complex compositions never stand in the way of a strong melody, a groove that makes you dance in a previously unknown way and a gripping emotional statement.
Shleinus’ atypical lyrics do not always give you a clear message, but rather paint impressionist pictures, while still adressing topics like dreams, childhood and fear as well appreciating the bullshit, the silliness and beauty in life.

Their often weird and crazy live performances sometimes included sword fights, scream therapy and dance-offs add another layer to the overall experience that is Antimeta. Antimeta is truly something new and weird. But in a very fun way.