//Flug des Gesundbrunnen

//Photo by Rebecca Roks

A future soul, outer space hip hop and underwater jazz family from the heart of Berlin. Specifically Gesundbrunnen where they first met and took flight. Most members come from jazz, like the 2 pianists, the bassist and drummer, so there is a lot improvisation and a spontaneous and experimental attitude, that has a psychedelic touch to it. But they still have their own unique compositions which they developed all together during rehearsals or jams.

They other side of the coin is hip-hop, which also holds a special place in everyone’s heart and greatly influence the sound and texture and gives the jazz a dark and punchy feel. The primary advocate of this fine art however is Wince, a.k.a. the Funkologist, who is an MC who freestyles, raps, tells stories, gives moving and critical speeches in poetic form and is a jazz musician in his own right, improvising with words, which henceforth make up another crucial aspect of Flug des Gesundbrunnen’s sound.

Then we have Marie, the singer, who brings some of her own compositions and unique lyrics to the table and delivers them with a deep and powerful voice, adding a lot of soul to the equation, while also often improvising and veering off the typical singer’s path by providing more complementary and atmospheric parts, sometimes groovy motifs as part of the rhythm section, but taking the spotlight, when it’s needed. Marin and Colin operate the keys and shoot synth blasts, rich chords, laser beams and tasteful melodies from their flux-capacitor powered engines. Bass and drums not only lay out the foundation with strange sounds and stanky grooves, but often move to the foreground with a more melodious purpose, all of which they achieve by means of their special synergetic connection and intuitive trust.

//Recorded 2020 in F├╝rstenberg

All this is manufactured into a gripping show, or should I say ride, with the two vocalists and the singing drummer guiding you through it, while they take their spaceship to spheres far beyond the realm of Gesundbrunnen.

//Rap and Spoken Word – The Funkologist, Vocals – Marie Bilgeri, Bass – Youri-Nesta Kobbert, Drums – Shleinus, Keys – Marin Mehl, Keys – Colin Thedja

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