//Hakim Azmi

Virtuosic, hyperactive and one of the nicest guys to have ever graced the music scenes of Germany, Hakim Azmi is a one of kind pianist.

He got seriously into music at age 14 and started teaching himself the piano by listening and playing to records. Over pop, rock, indie, folk and eventually jazz he developed a unique sound and style, that’s playful, but mature, intense and emotional, but tasteful.

In the present he’s still listening to virtually all kinds of music with unbridled enthusiasm and being the music lover he is, he’s part of a ton of completely different projects, from spiritual jazz to bebop, to soul, to lo-fi experimental, to stuff that doesn’t even have a name yet, recording albums, playing concerts and jam sessions, composing, playing drums, playing ukulele, playing, playing, playing. It seems like the only thing Hakim can’t do is stop, but I don’t want him to.

Of Malaysian/Bosnian descent, Hakim grew up in Malaysia and Tübingen, Germany. He spent some years in Berlin-Neukölln’s music school and is now studying Jazz Piano in Leipzig while also being an actively teaching drum professor. He enjoys good food just as much as good music, is a streetfood expert in several cities and can supposedly eat three halloumi magali sandwiches at Basmah in a row. At the moment he’s a steady member of the bands “Searching for Home”, “Antimeta” and “High Action Perzik Smaak” while at the same time dreaming of a solo career as an avantgarde indie artist.

//Performance „Resonanz“ by Merlin Rainer (painting), Denis Cvetkovic (performance) and Hakim Azmi (piano) at Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei Leipzig

But in every case, if you’re in Leipzig or Berlin or in Europe in general, you might wanna take a glimpse at the piano stool, because Hakim might be on it.

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