//High Action Perzik Smaak

Assembled in Berlin, High Action Perzik Smaak is a jazz septet.

But that doesn’t mean they play swing standards for people to sit down, analyse its theory and being served a glass of wine to. HAPS is trying to bring back the raw energy and melodic simplicity of jazz to make it more accessible again by being modern and futuristic at the same time as enhancing the focus on its African roots.

//First concert and inception of the band, Metastudio Berlin, 2021

Music from Mali, Ethiopia, Morocco, the Congo and Cuba goes through the filter of experienced modern jazz and groove players, with lyrical compositions and a lot of improvisation.

Saxophone and monophonic synthesizer are the melody instruments, while piano, electric guitar, double bass, percussion and drums form the rhythm section, that with its groove inspires the audience to ride the same wave and become an equal part of the musical conversation.

High Action does not only refer to the state of the string instruments, but when this band performs the amount of action is indeed very high.

//Leila Greifenhahn – Alto Sax, Anne Borchers – Upright Bass, Shleinus – Percussion, Ria Rother – Drums, Jarrah Dhyan – Electric Guitar, Hakim Azmi – Piano, Colin Thedja – Synthesizer