//Jacob Middleburgh

//Prints in various sizes available upon request.

Jacob is a London based photographer currently doing an undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Goldsmith’s University. His approach is ethnographic with an emphasis on relationship based access, and collaborative processes, using field notes and sound recordings within a photographic practice.

Currently much of his research is based around the political climate in the UK, researching different aspects of the Brexit debate. He aims to unpick the popular narrative told through a media discourse to expose uncovered stories and voices.

//Prints in various sizes available upon request.

//About the photos

These photos are taken between Bogotà, Colombia, and Essex, England. They are the result of my interest in photography in the last two years, a tool I use for ethnographic research. These are snapshots of larger bodies of work that aim to tell in each case a story that I have been drawn towards. These stories tend to be expressed through text, here represented through the photographs I took on the field.