//Josephine Binder

//Shot on Ilford HP5 plus 400 with Yashica T3 Super.

Josephine Binder’s photography acts as a mirror of her perception, functioning as reconciliation between her inner feelings and her external impressions. With her camera she manages to capture the precious memories and personal references of the people and places that surround her. These pictures tell stories about friendship, spontaneity and atmosphere.

//Shot on Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 with Pentax ME Super.

Her analogue portraits testify to a deep intimacy between her and her subjects. With profound empathy and many years of experience behind and in front of the camera, she manages to draw out people’s inner self, capturing shared private, organic and human moments between photographer and subject, making them accessible to outside viewers.

Josephine’s work is characterised by dreamy expressions, soft colours and gentle moods. These special snapshots bear witness to a deep humanity that lays itself like a veil over the scenes depicted. Her working method is driven by intuition and a practiced eye for the beautiful details of everyday human life, creating intimate relationships of trust between her and the subject matter. Her process is a kind of serendipitous dance, seizing upon spontaneous improvisations in which the few “perfect” moments of this playful interaction are captured by the available light. In so doing, these shared magical moments with people and nature have an authenticity that is neither forced nor artificial.

When looking at the works, one almost feels transported into a gentle daydream, through which these mystical moments of human emotions and playful spontaneity are able to penetrate deeply the viewers inner sensibilities. At the same time, the works are in no way obtrusive or demand a particular perspective, but rather settle into the viewer’s personal affections like a pleasant fragrance.

“Nachtlichter” is a collection of night scenes of Berlin in the cold season. The city can be dreary and gloomy, especially in the winter months. But there is usually something beautiful in the dark as well, provided you look long enough. This project is less a documentation of Berlin, rather it is a pictorial description of this place in our perception. It is an attempt to capture the atmosphere one feels when walking through the dark streets at night. We decided to use analogue photography because it encourages you to take more conscious pictures. Every single shot has a value. This makes it the right means to express this project.”

//A collaborative project with Clemens Fetissow.

//Mamiya 645 105mm 2.4 f4 @ 36 sec • Kodak Portra 160

//Mamiya 645 80mm 1.9 f4 @ 3:30 min • Cinestill 800T

//Mamiya 645 105mm 2.4 f8 @ 3:46 min • Kodak Portra 400

//Impressions from “The inner Myth” by ANIDE together with Tsuki