//Olivia Waligora – Lilemi2

Olivia Waligora (also signs as “Lilemi2”) is a Polish/Norwegian artist, who works and lives in Berlin. Her images, both still and in motion, are her passion, which she is currently trying to pursue full-time. Her main focus lies on different people in various settings and circumstances.

For her, the faces, bodies and emotions of these people are most captivating and fascinating. Her photographic style is characterised by strong contrasts, low light, dark aesthetics with a cinematic touch. The motifs in her images are often in motion and therefore look like stills from a movie scene. This creates a bigger story around her body of work and evokes more emotions in the viewer.

Her videos not only have an interesting story, but are aesthetically pleasing. Her work speaks of a distinct imagination and has an unreal feeling about it. Her work features people that are not afraid to go outside their comfort zones and most ideas happen on the spot and are inspired by the model, their circumstances and the given location. Motion and change, as well as the thrill of pushing boundaries are an underlying theme of her work.

Her surreal works create a unique and interesting atmosphere and can be understood as a form of escapism from the daily boredom and negativity.