//Vernissage-Weekend / 26.03.22


//5PM – 6PM

Marlon Nikolai Osburg-Kokenbrink x Roman Nagel

Live action painting together with a piano performance followed by a silent auction for a good cause (Cancel Cancer)

For his performance, Marlon Nikolai has decided to collaborate with pianist and composer Roman Nagel. The latter will play some of his previously unpublished pieces, while the piano, which has been specially restored for this performance, will be painted by the artist. In the process, the music will influence the painting. Tones are translated into colors and let the piano, guided by the music, become a work of art itself. Roman Nagel also does not shy away from the dark tones, but rather shows how they can be used to address the entire spectrum of human sensations, and with this contrast, the cheerful nuances of sound shine especially brightly. The piano will then be offered for sale in an auction. This will be done in cooperation with the CancelCancer fundraising campaign.

//7:30PM – 8PM

Peter Sipos, Junyu Guo, Merlin Rainer, Maxim Kraszavin & Anne Chpakovski

“Supermotte” – Multidisciplinary performance (painting, literature, animation and music)

How does narration work? How can text and illustration be brought together in a performative event? These and similar questions are addressed by the performance Supermotte, which unites literature, painting and light art under the umbrella of a memorable narrative.  The hub of the narration is the main protagonist: the Supermotte.

There is live reading and illustration. Spoken words become images and vice versa. But in the end, the certainty remains: where the words end, where the brushstroke ends, fiction begins.

//8PM – 10PM

DJ Ussi


//10PM – 0PM

Beal Hogi


//0PM – 2AM

Ryu & Erley


//2AM – 4AM

Luki & Wince


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