//Vernissage-Weekend / 27.03.22


//5PM – 6:30PM

Workshop by ANIDE

Drawing & Writing session

Anide is engaged with the imaginary and its use and explores this topic using different approaches. For the past 2 years, he has regularly invited people to workshops in which he plays with this theme.

Closely linked to our perception of the world, our imaginations shape our way of approaching reality. The stories we have heard and those we tell ourselves inhabit us. Since the dawn of time, humans have been creating narratives ranging from everyday stories to myths that span the ages. All of these narratives are intended to convey messages, to maintain a memory or, above all, to build ourselves as individuals or as a society. 

Through drawing and writing exercises, this workshop was born out of the desire to create an individual and collective experience. Designed as a surrealist game, this exercise is an invitation to play with our senses by giving life to our dreams. To be connected to your imagination is to be connected to your creativity, to yourself. When you take the time to experiment with it, you explore your aesthetics and interests, your identity and vision.

Max capacity : 14 

Get in touch with us, if you want to particiapte. First come first serve.

//7PM – 8PM

Marta et les coquillages


Marta & les Coquillages is an alter ego of Anide, multidisciplinary artist and founder of the label The Theatre of Reverie.

Approaching music as storytelling, Marta evolves between different atmospheres, genres and aesthetics. Picking music in diverse scenes and timelines, her psychedelic, slow and throbbing selection is an invitation to connect with our inner world through imagination.

Influenced by the power of hypnosis, her stories suggest imaginary travels into what we dream and what we live, into what we see and what we feel.

//8:30PM – 10PM



Maya Angelou said, “Music was [her] refuge” and that “There is a spirit in all music. […It] has the ability to create ideas in you and me. It has the ability to encourage us to be creative”. Kelly relates to both quotes. Growing up, music and movement felt like a refuge for her. Living in new spaces, new countries, music has become the anchor point for all of her connections. Throughout her journey she has been touched by so many different people, genres, and music styles, and yet there is still so much to discover and learn. The spirit of music leads us to ourselves and creates a pathway to a deeper connection to others. This is the experience she wants to share.

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